Parking Garage at 1320 Fannin

In Downtown Houston at Clay between Main & Fannin
• Entrances on Fannin & Clay •

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Spend-Down Accounts


Would you like the convenience and hands-free access of Monthly Parking, but without the commitment? If so, a Spend Down Account is right for you!

With a Spend Down Account, users purchase access “Credits” in advance, where 1 Credit = 1 Garage Entry + 1 Garage Exit (no restriction on duration of stay). Similar to Monthly Parking, Spend Down Accounts may link with a user’s EZ tag, allowing for hands-free access to and from the garage. The Garage Access Control System will track the users credit balance, deducting credits from the account for each Entry & Exit combination (i.e. each stay in the garage).


Sign up for a new Online Validation account and receive 25% off on your first month’s invoice when you email us at Please use “Spend Down” in the subject line.