Highlights of our Beethoven Collection

Shop the Symphony Joins Forces with Acclaimed Artist David Lee Cisco for “Beethoven at 250” Celebration

Shop the Symphony is proud to announce that it has established a special partnership with acclaimed, Chicago-based artist David Lee Cisco for the “Beethoven at 250” celebration this season. With his unique aesthetic and whimsical interpretations, Cisco’s work will be featured on Beethoven greeting cards, mugs, and t-shirts.


David Lee Csicsko is an internationally recognized and celebrated designer and artist currently living and working in Chicago, Illinois. During his 30-year career, David has engaged in a wide variety of projects at nearly every scale; from small privately commissioned prints to to his more recent explorations of the possibilities inherent in working with stained glass and mosaics at large scales. These monumental projects have included work for hospitals, universities, elementary schools, churches, and various private homes.


What to Listen for in Beethoven by Robert Harris

Own the essential introduction to the world’s foremost composer and to the hidden pleasures of classical music.

Beethoven’s enduring popularity eclipses all other composers. Over a century and a half has passed since his death, yet his towering accomplishments remain the standard against which all other Western music has been judged. This fascinating and accessible guide to understanding both the man and the musician is also a rewarding exploration of the basics of classical music itself.